Friday the 6th of July 2018

Arrival and an informal evening:

  • camp fire (weather permitting)
  • projection of photographs
  • meetings, conversations

Saturday the 7th of July 2018

Lunch together

Programe about Travná – what was, what is and what is to come?!

We have invited the music groups – Shirim Ashirim, Kontryhel, Rescued

There will also be a pantomime.

Presentation about Travná with Jared Kenning


During the main programs there will activities for children to attend.

Sunday the 8th of July 2018

Ecumenical and international church service

Lunch together

Shirim Ashirim

The music group, where Renča Ulmanová, who used to go to Travná, plays.

Jewish melodies, biblical texts, and modern sound. S.A. was founded in 2012. The original three-member group (Renata Ulmannová, Tomáš Najbrt, Daniel Matulík) was expanded in 2013 to include Michaela Švorc a Tomáš Knotek. In 2014 they recorded their first album with Rosa studios, produced by Aleš Hyvnar.



    Another band made up of people who are a part of Travná (“Travňáky”)  🙂

    Band members include Štěpán and Lýdie Jančovi, Jarda and Tereza Hojní, Jana Štenclová and Michal Misler. Each of these people belong to the history of Travná. To the great joy of those who know their music, they agreed to dust off some of their old hits and enrich the 50th anniversary celebration with a concert. We are looking forward to it!


    Václav Dostál

    Many people from Travná certainly remember Václav Dostál and his pantomime performances at Travná.

    For example his rendering of “Slepička” from Jaroslav Čejka and his spontaneous improvisations. Václav has been devoted to pantomime since he was a student and has completed several courses, including ones led by Carl Martinéz. Now he even plays pantomime with his daughter, Zuzka Dostálová (for example their “Fruit of the Spirit”). He has also directed the skit “The Parable of the Lost Coin” played by Zuzka, Hanča Zímová and Lydie Kenningová.

    Over time Václav has gathered experience and created many original skits, which has led to the theatre MIM:-0), which will be playing for us at the 50th anniversary celebrations.



    The worship group from Boise, ID (USA)

    Rescued is made up of musicians from America who serve in the worship ministry at Cole Community Church in Boise, ID (the hometown of Jared Kenning, the director of Setkávání Travná, z.s.). They are coming to the Czech Republic for the 4th time. They have led various worship and choir workshops, concerts and seminars about leading worship.

    Concert record