With gratitude we celebrate 50 years of international meetings at Travná

In 1968, pastor Adolf Petr organized the first international work camp at Travná. With his wife, Hana, they bought a half dilapidated building, which the youth has repaired over time. The tradition of youth meetings took root in this place, and thanks to the sacrifices of Adolf and Hana Petr, the passionate participation of young people, and God’s help, the ministry has grown and multiplied.

During the years after the Velvet Revolution, more than 100 young people attended the camps. People also came from other countries: Germany, France, Norway, Switzerland, Holland, the USA…. For many people, Travná became the place where they first encountered Christianity, Jesus, and encouragement in faith. Since 1999, the non-profit Setkávání Travná organizes the camps at Travná. Thanks be to the Lord God for 50 years of meetings, for 50 years of His faithfulness and loving kindness that never ceases.

From the beginning Travná was connected with Adolf and Hana Petra. Adolf Petr died in 2015, but his faithful service continues to bear his fruit. Some of the messages and memories on the occasion of his death are read here

“Travná will always be an oasis for me, a starting point, a source of spiritual strength, but also a place of specific faces—brothers and sisters…. I am thankful not only to God for this place of various encounters, but I am also thankful to pastor Adolf Petr and to everyone, who has helped create it and to those who continue to create it.”

Denisa Halašová